🍁🍂 IT’S FALL, Y’ALL!! 🍂🍁

🍁🍂🍁It’s Fall, Y’All!!!!! 🍁🍂🍁

As the nights draw nearer, and the days get shorted we enter my all-time favourite season. Autumn is upon us…

And this week, along with an Autumnal Vibe, we’re putting the power in to YOUR Hands. Vote now in our poll to choose your own favourite topics.

Rounds will be:

🤔. 1 x General Knowledge
🍁 1 x Autumnal Vibes

Never Gonna Quiz You Up returns to your screens this THURSDAY (not Friday this week) for a whole new format for quizzing craziness…

This time around we’re going a little bit more techy and Interactive as you’ll be using your Smart Phones/Tablets to answer the questions.

Here is what you’ll need:

💻 – Zoom installed on one device
📱 – Speed Quizzing – Live APP downloaded on to another Smart Phone / Tablet

Zoom Link will be provided on request/payment.
You’ll need to choose a team name, and I’ll provide you with a PIN to access the quiz when we go Live on Zoom at 8.00pm.

It sounds difficult but it’s really easy, and fun when you get in to it. I’m sure you’ll all LOVE IT!!! ❤️

There will be a CASH Prize that will be dependant upon the amount of teams that play each week, but it’s a minimum of £20.00!!! Whoop Whoop!!

💰 £5.00 per Single Household Team

Please drop me a DM, saying “Let’s Get Quizzical”, and we’ll set you up ready for Thursday Night!!!

Slide into my DMs and get ready to start your weekend once again… remember we’re NEVER GONNA QUIZ YOU UP!!! ❤️❤️